Offshore, UAE
: Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technology
: Any Nationality
: 2 - 5 years
: Oil & Gas / Petroleum
: Technician
: 12 - Apr - 2018
Job Description
Job Purpose: 
Conduct chemical and physical laboratory tests according to standard procedure and/or instructions for non-routine analysis. Adheres and follows HSE rules regarding toxicity, safe use, storage and disposal of environmentally harmful and toxic wastes. 
Principal Accountabilities: 
Perform chemical analysis of water samples from various oil fields and plants by performing density, pH, alkalinity, sulphate, TDS, resistively and cations to identify the type of water and its source to predict scaling tendency. 
Perform BS&W, Salt contents and oil-water separation of monthly oil samples from UZ, ST and UA and pH, sp. gravity and iron contents measurements for the separated water. 
Perform complete sediments/ scale/corrosion products/asphaltene analysis including soxhlet extraction, determination of total organic matter, chloride, carbonate, sulphate and cations such as Calcium, Barium, Strontium, Sodium, Magnesium etc to identify their type and possible causes.
Perform quality control measurements by FTIR fingerprint spectral analysis of various oil field chemicals used by Company.
Perform percentage chlorine determination for Sodium hypochlorite solution. 
Carry out compatibility studies for chemical additives employed for different tasks by assimilation of field conditions to predict their stability and suitability. 
Perform oil and gas samples analysis by gas chromatography. 
Perform oil-in-water analysis in water samples by Florocheck meter. 
Determination of corrosion rate on metals coupons. Testing and selection of proper corrosion inhibitors that are effective and compatible. 
Assess under field conditions, the performance of acid formulae supplied by contractors to optimize their additives contents and check their compatibility with the oil, formation water, completion alloys and reservoir rocks. 
To use sophisticated analytical instruments such as ICP, GC, FTIR, Auto-titrators, Spectrophotometers, density meters, Oil-in-water meter, Resistivity meter etc. to perform various analysis. 
Carry out instruments calibration and routine maintenance. 
Check and stock the required chemicals & materials in the stores. Prepare requisitions for chemicals and glassware. 
Use computer to enter data, prepare analysis reports and plot water analysis diagram. 
Monitors, controls and enforces safety, HSE rules and environment measures in the lab and during the handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals. 
Occasional water, oil and gas sampling and analysis on the site during well stimulation process. 
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Requirements:
Knowledge Skills and Experience: 
Completion of Secondary Education. 
Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technology. 
Lab. Technician Certificate from high scientific school. 
3-4 years experience in Chemical analysis and Laboratory work. 
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