Offshore, UAE
: Secondary Education certificate followed by 2 Years formal training in process control plant and electrical trade
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Oil & Gas / Petroleum
: Operators
: 12 - Apr - 2018
Job Description
Job Purpose:
Operates high-speed equipments such as Gas Turbines, High Voltage Alternators, Diesel Generator, Air compressors, Cooling water pumps, Fuel Transfer Pumps and Fire Pump. 
Ensures smooth and steady supply of high voltage electrical power to water injection platform, Oil & Gas production plants and to the entire complex. Provides and maintains steady supply of utility and instrument air to the entire plant. 
Responsible for starting, stopping, synchronizing, monitoring and trending of Gas Turbines, Generators parameters. 
Responsible for monitoring plant parameters through LAN Network servers display system and takes immediate necessary corrective actions independently in the event of abnormalities or Malfunction in various equipments such as Gas Turbine Generators, associated auxiliary equipments, high voltage & low voltage switchgears to avoid unnecessary tripping of critical supplies/feeders in order to minimize production losses. 
Operates Fire & Gas system for HV/LV switchgear and Gas Turbines through OIT PLC based genius monitoring and control system and takes immediate necessary action as appropriate in the event of alarm, false alarm and system malfunction.
Acts in emergencies to restore electrical power supply with Electrical Supervisor support. 
Ensures the upkeep of all standby emergency equipments such as Diesel generator, Standby air compressors and Diesel firewater pump.
Work Performed:
Operates various power utilities equipment in the central power plant such as gas turbine, generator, transformers…. etc., to supply power via 11kV, 6.6kV and 415V cables as per standard instructions,
Operates various central utilities equipment such as compressed air generated by turbines, pressurized fire water to all industrial and civil parts of the Super Complex, 
Adjusts various instruments, turbines and alternator such as speed, current angles of operation frequency, etc., to synchronize indicators and ensures smooth operations,
Monitors variables and corrects control setting on valve opening to maintain proper function of plant and operation standard temperatures, pressures and cooling water flow rates, 
Operates the Fire and Gas System B.T.M, CO2, Fire, Water. …Etc., and communicates with CCR in emergency situations, 
Checks all Rotating Machinery and data collected for performance improvement and efficient operations.
Operated the two fuel gas skids for proper supply of fuel gas to the turbines.
Monitors plant parameters through DCS screen display, diagnoses and takes corrective action for all equipment on power plant to prevent major shutdown which can cause complete loss of oil production, 
Adjusts operations in case of abnormal readings such as high temperature, high reading of rotating equipment and informs Supervisor accordingly, 
Logs all reading at fixed intervals in a log book, 
Investigates causes of failure in emergencies and acts promptly to rectify 
Maintains safety of equipment and takes corrective action in case of abnormalities,
Carries out planned inspection on power generation facilities and equipment and ensures maintaining proper house keeping standard in the plant, 
Directs and guides contracted maintenance personnel when carrying out work in the Power Platform or commissioning the Plant after major overhaul and installation of new equipment.
Controls all work permits in PGP in accordance with the company’s safety regulations and carries out isolation of Electrical HV / LV in case of abnormal conditions whenever deemed necessary and inform Electrical and Prod. Supervisors.
Prepares power generation and utilities equipment for maintenance in accordance with Company’s safety regulations and permit to work system requirements, 
Attends safety group meetings, raises near misses and substandard condition reports,
Ensures that equipment/system is integrated safely into operation after completion of work.
Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as: coordinating provision of power and utilities as requested by various users, coordinating maintenance and ensuring availability of power of various units under maintenance, operating instrument and utility air systems, cooling water system, raising work request, preparing plant reliability reports through the system, calculating stock weekly, identifying diesel requirements and distributing to the different plants…. etc.
Able to analyze performance data from the turbines and to take immediate proper remedial actions in case of variance to prevent production and injection shutdowns.
Able to coordinate with different disciplines to ensure smooth electrical power supply to the different users.
Able to analyze any emergency conditions to put his area in safe conditions if required.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Requirements:
Secondary Education certificate followed by 2 Years formal training in process control plant and electrical trade.
5 Years experience in high voltage switching preferably with operating Gas Turbine in large organization.
Good knowledge of both Spoken and Written English.
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