Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Bachelor's Degree in Sciences (Physics/Geophysics/Geoscience)
: Any Nationality
: 11 - 15 years
: Oil & Gas / Petroleum
: Geoscience
: 16 - Jan - 2018
Job Description
Basic Function:
To play an active role in planning and coordination of the Upstream Directorate 2D, 3D and 4D seismic acquisition, processing and re-processing activities and monitor seismic acquisition, processing and re-processing activities of the Group Companies and SPC companies.  This includes participation in organizing the tender, design and selection of acquisition geometry and parameters, selection of processing and re-processing sequence and parameters, supervision of the seismic contractor and quality control of all intermediate and final products.  The function may also include giving technical support to Geoscience Team Leader, Subsurface Department Manager and Technical Center Unit Manager.
Work Performed:
Supervisory Role:
To carry out the delegated task to liaise with the party chiefs of seismic acquisition crews on issues concerning the seismic acquisition project, monitoring and supervising compliance to health, safety and environmental regulations and verifying that all equipment functions within the agreed accuracy ranges and that the acquisition is carried out according to the contract specifications.
To carry out the delegated task to supervising geophysical processing and re-processing projects carried out by contractors for Company and its Group of Companies and SPC companies and ensure that processing contracts are executed in accordance with guidelines and objectives set by management and shareholders in relation to cost optimization, QC/QA plans and technical scope of work.  Perform technical QC/QA and decide on the optimal processing sequence and parameters, in consultation with the contractor staff and the seismic interpreters at all relevant stages of the processing or re-processing project on intermediate and final processing products.
To participate in geophysical logging activities aimed at acquiring and processing zero offset, offset and 2D/3D/4D walkaway and other vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) and velocity surveys.
Technical Work:
In consultation with seismic contractors and geologists and interpreters from Technical Center Unit and other Units from Company Upstream Directorate, contribute to the preparation of 2D, 3D and 4D seismic acquisition programs, making sure that the acquisition parameters and survey design are suitable to image the prospective interval.  This includes generation of field testing programs for 2D/3D/4D seismic surveys and preparation of technical QC/QA standards and procedures for geophysical 2D/3D/4D field crews and seismic operations.
In consultation with seismic contractors and geologists and interpreters from Technical Center Unit and other Units from Company Upstream Directorate, contribute to the preparation of geophysical processing and re-processing programs, making sure that the processing sequence and parameters are optimal for imaging the prospective interval and for producing seismic data of the quality required by the interpreter to do all analysis (acoustic impedance inversion, porosity prediction, 4D seismic, etc.) planned.  
Competence Assurance and Skills Development:
To coach Junior Acquisition and Processing Geophysicists from Company and its Group of Companies, identify their skills gaps and suggest and give training courses relevant for Acquisition and Processing Geophysicists and other disciplines, helping them to prepare for Competence Assurance Management System (CAMS) assessments and teaching them the skills required for the job.
Other Related Duties:
To contribute to the preparation of tender documents required for 2D, 3D and 4D seismic acquisition, processing and reprocessing projects, including contract review for technical implications, scope of work, tender evaluation criteria, QA/QC procedures, etc.
To contribute to regular management reports such as the weekly activity highlights, daily operational reports, monthly/quarterly operations highlights, seismic operations (acquisition & processing) Gantt charts and maps, etc.
To take action on requests from other team members and Geoscience Team Leader for information required by Company Upstream Directorate Senior Management.  To assist in and contribute to preparing briefing notes and presentation slides on subjects concerning the Division, as requested by line management including Geoscience Team Leader for the Subsurface Department Manager, Technical Center Unit Manager and Company Senior Management.
To assist Geoscience Team Leader and Subsurface Department Manager on any ad-hoc tasks such as preparing presentations on the status or final results of projects, justifications for budget changes or changes in the agreed geophysical programs, data and training requests from Universities or other third parties, Company GIS database, etc.
To maintain contact with suppliers of acquisition and processing services,  to keep abreast of technological developments in geophysical acquisition and processing and to attend conferences, seminars and to review technical periodicals.
Supervisory Responsibility:
Supervises junior acquisition and processing geophysicists and leads small multi-disciplinary project teams involving, other geoscience department staff and contractors.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in Sciences (Physics/Geophysics/Geoscience).
Fifteen (15) years of experience with all aspects of geophysical acquisition and processing, including tendering, contracting and project QA/QC.  
Experience with geophysical and office software applications.
Excellent presentation skills and competence to write and proof read technical reports.
Experience with coaching and training of staff.
Fluency in written and spoken English.
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