Offshore, UAE
: Completion of secondary education followed by 2 years formal training leading to a technical diploma
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Oil & Gas / Petroleum
: Operators
: 10 - Jul - 2018
Job Description
Basic Function:
Supervises, monitors and controls the operation of any of the Process Plants, Storage & Export and Central Control Room in co-ordination with the Process Supervisor on assigned shift. 
Supervises the activities of process  and maintenance personnel in the frequent adjustment and balancing of parameters for changes in process variables (which includes flow pressure, temperature, level etc…). 
Ensures safe and efficient operations of all production plants and storage facilities.
Carries out immediate action to minimise flaring during plant upsets in Company in co-ordination with Company and offshore supervisors, according to Company flaring protocol.
Work covers 9 areas: Zakum, Umm Shaif, Bunduq, CTU, LNG Manifold/flares, Tank farm, Meter skid and pump house. Oil processing capacity is approximately 500,000 bbls/day and 1,100 mmscfd of raw gas.
Work Performed:
Directs and supervises the activities of Operators and maintenance personnel in implementation of the program and instructions ensuring that all operational plant is running safely and efficiently.
Directs and supervises the assigned operators in the adjustment and balancing of process/storex for changes in process  variables. Instruct and guide operators for regular checking of all plants areas.
Monitors and controls the activities of all plants through the Distributed Control System.
Checks all plants operating parameters, detects abnormalities and takes immediate remedial actions. Monitors through video cameras all Das onshore and inshores flares to avoid any disastrous emission of unburned gas in case of a sudden flame extinguishment. Writing File Notes on pigging operations and normal procedures.
Carries out daily oil, gas and storage tanks ullage calculations.
Assists in proving export crude oil and Bunduq meters in liaison with Supreme Petroleum Council representative. Supervises and controls the computerised crude oil terminal emergency system (COTES) for tanker berths. Liaises with Company laboratory for testing export and product crude oil samples.  
Takes immediate action to control emergency situations safely from DCS, evacuate site personnel and calling ESCR (all hot lines with ESCR, ECR, Company, USSC, ZWSC, BUNDUQ, ZIRKU and TABK are located in CCR only).
Acts immediately to control parameters to contain emergency plant conditions in presence of Process Section Leader (all remote shut down push buttons for oil/gas main lines, COL pumps, tanker berths and loading arms in addition to the depressurizing valves mounted in CCR).
Issues and ensures compliance work permit conditions. Checks completed work to ensure adherence to permit conditions and that the equipment/system is integrated safely into operation after completion of work.
Performs other related duties such as; reviews operguid and non-operguid procedures, training and development of assigned personnel and UAE nationals, attending regularly safety group meetings with subordinates and contractors to promote awareness of safety rules and regulations.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Requirements:
Completion of secondary education followed by 2 years formal training leading to a technical diploma.
4 years experience in oil refinery/petrochemical/processing operations with distributed control system (DCS) operations knowledge, control rooms and loading operations.
Good knowledge of English.
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