Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent Professional Qualification.
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Engineering
: 04 - Dec - 2018
Job Description
Prepare planning, scheduling and monitoring activities for the assigned projects and monitor the performance of the Consultants and Contractors on the Capital Projects to support the project objectives and ensure timely completion.
Projects Planning
Provide input for preparation of the budgets for Capital Projects and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Department objectives. Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.
Prepare summary schedules for all new projects based on alternative execution strategies to facilitate Management decision with regard to the most effective execution strategy.
Coordinate and assist in Project specific Planning & Scheduling, Progress Measurement, Progress Reporting and other project control requirements and to incorporate them into the respective Tenders / Agreements for various projects (FEED, PMC, EPC). 
Technical / Resources Evaluation
Participate in the evaluation of technical bids received from Consultants/Contractors with a view to ascertain compliance to the specified requirements, contribute for assessing the adequacy of the resource requirements and prepare relevant portion of the Technical Evaluation Report and incorporate all bulletins issued and clarifications received during the tender stage. 
Analyse all submittals from Contractors/Consultants during implementation stage relating to Planning, Scheduling, Progress Measurement, Reporting, Schedule Risk Analysis, Productivity etc. in line with the Agreement requirements, Project priorities, Plant Shutdown requirements etc.  
Monitoring & Controlling
Develop / maintain / update Databank update Projects Dashboard regularly to ensure historical information.
Verify monthly progress claimed by the Consultants/Contractors for payment purposes.
Monitor the reported progress and schedule status, identify the Areas of concern impacting the project completion schedule for corrective actions. 
Participate in the review of resource deployment by Contractors/Consultants to ensure adequacy for meeting the completion schedules and propose recommendations when required.
Participate in evaluating Variation requests / Claims for extension of project schedules made by Contractors and prepare appropriate recommendations.
Review the Schedule Risk Analysis along with the mitigation measures identified by the Consultants/Contractors and to ensure timely implementation of all agreed migration measures.
Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives.
Train and develop the assigned staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the  job and deliver the respective section objectives.
Provide input for preparation of the Department budgets and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Section objectives.
Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
Implement approved Section policies, processes, systems, standards and procedures in order to support execution of the Section’s work programs in line with Company and International standards.
Comply with all applicable legislation and legal regulations.
Performance Management
Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Section in line with the Company Performance framework.
Innovation and Continuous Improvement
Design and implement new tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of   operational processes.
Identify improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the function.
Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability
Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and Company Code of Practices.
Provide inputs to prepare Section MIS and progress reports for Company Management.


Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent Professional Qualification.
Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills
6 years of relevant experience in Planning & Scheduling for large projects within the Oil and Gas industry.
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