Our Vision is of a world where people’s reach is not limited by matter or distance.

People will effortlessly move around the world, staying in touch with family, making new friends as they go, as well as developing new interests.
Businesses of all sizes, no longer limited by distance, will be able to reach new markets. Innovative technologies will open up fresh opportunities across the globe, allowing the supply of new goods and services to everyone who wants them



Our Mission is to extend people’s reach.

At Etisalat, we are actively developing advanced networks that will enable people to develop, to learn and to grow.



Our Values



We value and nurture the energy and dynamism needed to achieve the very best in business. We look forward to future challenges and opportunities.



As a company, we are welcoming, sociable and friendly to customers, suppliers and employees. We deal with people in a clear, direct way and are always honest and fair in business dealings.



Our aim is to open up opportunities and to actively help people reach their goals. We always deliver what we say we will.


The Future is a world in which technology extends our reach.

Already, music, books and services no longer have to have a physical format to be sold online. Advanced networks will increasingly provide education, healthcare and other services and goods. For instance, telemedicine already allows patients to seek the best advice from doctors around the world; now robotic aids are beginning to make remote surgery possible. As the pace of technological change increases, Etisalat will extend its reach into new technologies, services and markets to create opportunities for our customers

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