Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Any Nationality
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: Engineering
: 01 - Nov - 2018
Job Description
To implement applicable taws and regulations and to manage traffic of all vessels visiting the Port. To liaise with the government authorities for handling port Authority's related activities and issues. The role holder is also responsible to liaise with HSE to ensure HSE & ISPS compliance in the port, and ensure all marine service requirements for the port are complied with
Core Responsibilities:
Ensure effective and efficient execution of applicable laws and regulations in the port he is nominated for.
Oversee that all processes and activities related to the port are carried out in compliance with the guidelines laid down
Oversee and control the marine movement within the Port Limits
Ensure maritime laws and regulations set by the Federal Government, Abu Dhabi Government, DOT and Ports are enforced in the port and ensure complete adherence to the guidelines
Be fully aware of international maritime conventions adopted by the UAE and ensure complete compliance with these conventions
Assist the Chief Harbour Master in developing and implementing maritime strategy for the port
Work with Ports security team as well as the maritime and border security agencies to ensure that the port is secured from a maritime perspective
Report any navigational hazard (change of depth, wreck, etc...) to Marine Information Officer in order to be incorporated in UKHO documents
Ensure HSE compliance in port related operations and also to monitor the HSSE licensing system. Ensure that safe working environment Ammar Al Shaiba prevails in the port in order to keep marine risks at a minimum
Set and follow up performance standards covering Port control, vessel operations and qualifications, training, licensing and performance of personnel for marine operations in the port, and report deficencies to Chief Harbour Master when necessary
Review third party risk assessments and ensure implementation of contro! Measures
Periodically review and amend Navigational Risk Assessment for the Port
Ensure issue of marine notices and navigation warnings for the ports as well as vessels in liaison with Chief Harbour Master Office
Coordinate and cooperate with marine operations administrators, Coastguard, and other maritime related authorities in the respective port
Oversee anti-pollution monitoring, emergency response planning and enforcement of anti-pollution regulations
Act as a marine incident commander.
Work with incident management team for conducting investigation and recommending corrective action for marine related incidents and follow up the implementation of corrective action
Liaise with HSE to ensure full adherence to the ISPS Code (International Security for Ports and Ships) in the port (where applicable)
Work with the team to timely remove any wreckage that has been created due to various operations being conducted at the port in order to ensure smooth flow of operations
Report monthly and annually on Port’s marine operations performance
Make any other report as requested by Chief Harbour Master office
Perform any other ports related duty as assigned by Chief Harbour Master
People Management Responsibilites:
Develop departmental budgets in conjunction with the Unit’s budget, track expenses and ensure adherence
Finalize the manning needs of the department and obtain requisite approvals
Manage the team by evaluating the performance of team members, providing feedback on an ongoing basis, identifying development needs and coaching them to ensure ongoing capability development
Conduct trainings for the Ports team on various aspects on which the role holder has subject matter expertise 
HSE & Security responsibilities: 
Lead the Division/ Department toward implementing HSE policy and procedures. UY
Align departmental objectives with Corporate HSE objectives and annual action plan.
Lead the process of identifying hazards in the workplace, risks monitoring and impacts evaluation and ensure that corrective and controlling actions are implemented.
Maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across the Division/ Department to maintain safe working environment.
Encourage individuals to report HSE observation, near miss and incident.
Review Division/ Department HSE Performance and monitor continual improvement.
Desired Candidate Profile
Educational and Technical
Qualifications: Class 1 Master
Language Skills: Written and Spoken English is essential, Arabic is preferred
Years of Experience: A minimum of 5 - 8 years of relevant experience 
Nature of e Master and Pilotage experience.
Experience: Port administration (Harbour master) experience
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