Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Bachelor’s in science
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Port
: 07 - May - 2019
Job Description
To ensure that the Cartographers study, design, produce and distribute digital and conventional maps, charts, spreadsheets and diagrams for public sector and commercial customers.
Core Responsibilities:
Using specialized technical software and bathometric equipment including, sonars, single and multi-beam echo sounders, DGPS, Motion Reference & Heading Sensor, Sound Velocity Profiler, Sound Velocity Meter, Tide Gauge). 
using remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles to acquire data in deep water;
Researching, collecting, storing, retrieving, evaluating and manipulating data.
Checking the accuracy of Marine navigation Chart.
Liaising with information providers, clients and external contacts and accessing and using aerial photographs and satellite images.
operating specialized technical software and geographical information systems (GIS) to manage the integration, processing and presentation of data to clients;
dealing with clients to provide tenders and results in appropriate formats;
managing projects, both onshore and offshore, as vessel-based managers;
Advising Surveyors and other professionals on the data requirements for map production, and on the aesthetic, technical and economic considerations of scales, details to be illustrated, place names and reproduction techniquesIssuing / publishing Navigation Chart.
Supervising and coordinating the work of cartographic technicians in the production and reproduction of Charts.
Supervising the preparation of plans, maps, charts and drawings to give pictorial representations and managing automated spatial information systems.
Undertaking research and development of surveying and photogrammetric measurement systems, cadastral systems and land information systems.
Advising Architects, Engineering Professionals, environmental and other scientists or other relevant professionals on the technical requirements of surveying, mapping and spatial information systems
Compiling and evaluating data, interpreting codes of practice, and writing reports concerning survey measurement, land use and tenure
Preparing site plans and survey reports required for conveyancing and land ownership matters
Providing accurate and reliable information for other disciplines such as navigation, dredging, coastal works, seabed feathers, environmental monitoring, aquaculture, marine wind farm development, oceanographic research, bridge construction, mineral resource exploration;
working in a variety of different situations and applications including seabed mining, the construction of ports, the provision of navigational charts, and the positioning of aids to navigational;
sourcing information on seabed type, water movements, currents and waves;
provision of data for oceanographic studies;
for those working onshore, responding to technical queries from onshore engineering teams and problem-solving for colleagues working offshore;
reviewing company procedures and software projects, and providing feedback on courses and in-house training;
Working as part of a team of technical specialists.
Assist the Manager of Hydrograpich survey in surveying the navigational waterways / channels/basin and involved in all bathmatric activities.
Ensure that any incident reported to catered to and a record for the same is updated in the database
Work with the Manager of Hydrograpich Services to identify activties to be outsourced to an external vendor and also be involved in supervision of these activities.
Aware & compliant of IHO & UKHO standard and procedures 
Assist in the quality control of AtoNs in accordance with the IHO Standards and ISO 9001:2008
Ensure that all operations , on board vessels and in workdhop , are  run as per HSE requirments .
Adheres to Safe working instruction and SOPs. 
Adheres to near miss and incident reporting. 
Conduct Risk assesment for all operations on board vessels and in workdhop.
Ensure that Auidt requirments are ready , for internal & external audits, complying to IHSEMS .
Ensure that tool box talks include HSE element and expalanition of IHSEMS 
People Management Responsibilities:
Develop departmental budgets in conjunction with the Unit’s budget, track expenses and ensure adherence
Finalize the manning needs of the department and obtain requisite approvals
Manage the team by evaluating the performance of team members, providing feedback on an ongoing basis, identifying development needs and coaching them to ensure ongoing capability development
Conduct trainings for the Marines Servcies team on various aspects on which the role holder has subject matter expertise.
Desired Candidate Profile
Educational and Technical Qualifications:
Educational and Technical Qualifications: Bachelor’s in science.
Language Skills: Written and spoken English is necessary. 
Years of Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in Hydrographic Bathymetric survey.
Nature of Experience: At least 2 years of Technician experience.
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