Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Minimum 10 years' work experience in petroleum related industries and/or Petro-chemical plant
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Supervisor
: 16 - Jul - 2019
Job Description

Job purpose & Scope:


Responsible for the management of the IFCC operating facilities and assigned shift personnel. Monitor and manage the plant parameters covering all UZAI operating facilities. Ensures safe & corrective actions are taken in the event of process upsets and emergency situations in line with company standing instructions. Assurance that the process plant operates safely, efficiently and economically in compliance with HSEMS policy and objectives.


Principal Accountabilities:


  • Accountable for the monitoring and control parameters of all process facilities including Oil, Gas, Water injection and Utilities. Addressing timely remedial actions to process alarms and plant upsets, ensuring safety of plant & personnel at all times are in compliance with site operating procedures.
  • Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environmental regulations are followed at site and that the associated departmental Key Performance Indicators; (KPI) Level 3 are delivered.
  • In an emergency situation, ensures the appropriate actions as per Company emergency procedures and contingency plans to safely shut down or partially shut down the affected plant are taken. Monitor fire & gas panel and interact with fire control center during failure of any plant protection system. Maintain communication with all stakeholders in accordance with ERP and PIPs or as emergency situation demands. Subsequently restore the Plant to normal operating conditions safely and efficiently.
  • Co-ordinate and provide expertise and 'hands on' support and guidance to Senior Panel operators in demanding operational situations ensuring all actions are in line with standard operating procedures, standing instructions & compliance with company's HSEMS policy and provides assistance as required to any of the control consoles in IFCC.
  • Support the development and training of U.A.E trainees and new panel operators. Ensures competency attainment of individuals are proficient for Plant process controls on process simulator to certify them to take over.
  • Provides guidance and support to newly integrated team members, monitoring and evaluating individuals providing feedback to improve the performance of IFCC.
  • Mentor and guide the individual performance and development of the senior panel operators and establish work programs and objectives for team subordinates and coach them in the achievement of this. Appraise performance of subordinates against these agreed objectives.
  • Communicate with Zakum field production personnel for any variation in parameters.
  • Responsible for monitoring the quality of products in the lab, taking necessary corrective actions when the lab analysis indicates deviation from standard norms.
  • Prepare Islands' "Daily Production Report", recording all the key activities that have occurred during the shift. Also prepares the "Daily Consumption Sheet" which indicates stock volumes of various utilities products i.e. diesel, water.
  • Coordinates start-up operations, optimizing control and shutdown of process sections in compliance with established procedures, standing instructions and best practices.
  • Closely monitors process parameters and plant efficiency, initiating changes where necessary through subordinate work teams.
  • Review project engineering packages and associated documents where applicable, providing added contribution at meetings.
  • Evaluate any non-routine activities by risk assessment and JSA prior to performing these activities.
  • Directly accountable for the safe management and operation of the IFCC operating facilities, assigned shift personnel and other maintenance technicians working within the control room. Compiles and records a daily log summary of the main shift events, including plant process conditions and any key events recorded within shift handover instructions. All key production figures related to oil and gas processing to also be included within daily log and handover.


Desired Candidate Profile

Minimum Requirements:


  • Minimum 10 years' work experience in petroleum related industries and/or Petro-chemical plant
  • Minimum 3 years practical hands on experience with control room panel operations
  • Conversant with company policies and operations standards and HSEMS objectives.
  • Deep knowledge in carrying out safe job analysis, Risk assessment using Company HSE risk matrix.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.



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