: Any Nationality
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: Information Technology
: 22 - Aug - 2020
Job Description
Positions and Experience
Experts Sr. Officer Clinical Informatics 15+ Years
Senior Sr. Officer Clinical Informatics 10-14 Years
Intermediate Sr. Officer Clinical Informatics 6–9 Years 
Junior Sr. Officer Clinical Informatics 3–5 Years 
Desired Candidate Profile
Duties and Responsibilites but not limited to:-
Daily reporting and presenting to the management of all the projects and ideas
Designing interfaces for storing and analyzing health information.
Building and testing these systems as needed.
Educating staff members on how to effectively use clinical information systems.
Providing support for clinical staff and troubleshooting the systems when necessary.
Evaluating existing systems and looking for problem areas.
Analyzing and leveraging the collected data.
Acting as a liaison between clinical and informatics staff teams.
Planning integration across different organizational units.
Bachelor’s degree in nursing or related field, combined with 5 years’ experience, including understanding of hospital and ambulatory operations, interdepartmental procedures and interdisciplinary interactions and workflow in the clinical setting while applying analytical tools to improve processes and resolve problems
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