: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Information Technology
: 18 - Apr - 2021
Job Description
Job duties but not limited to
Contributes in the development of Company’s Information Security Strategy, Plans, Vision, Mission and Principles.
Monitors and reports on the implementation of Company’s Information Security Strategy and Program.
Makes policy recommendations to the Information Security and Risk Management teams to ensure alignment with current and future security standards and propose enhancements that will ensure security and safeguard of Company’s Digital services, assets, infrastructure, and applications portfolio.
Monitors the development and implementation of a strategic and comprehensive enterprise Information security risk management program by the Information Security and Risk Management Teams, based on recognized international standards and frameworks (NESA, CERT RMM, ISO 27000, NIST CSF, COBIT, etc.).
Facilitates the integration of enterprise Information security risk management program with the Enterprise Risk Management Practice.
Reviews the Enterprise Information Security Risks Assessment, Management, and Reporting processes. Reports on the remediation efforts to address the recorded information security risks, vulnerabilities, and threats to the Enterprise Risk Management Team.
Monitors the availability and effective maintenance of detailed process-based risk registers for the Digitalization Services.
Ensures an Assurance Management Program is available within Company for internally carrying the required information security assessments and assurance activities.
Monitors the planning and execution of the Information Security Assurance Program.
Contributes in the development and management of the implementation of a comprehensive information security and risk management awareness program within Company via direct or indirect communication, training, workshops, etc.
Coordinates with the Information Security and Risk Management and Internal Audit Teams on the design and Implementation of a compliance review program to be executed. All in-line with the Information Security Assurance and Compliance Review Standards and Procedures. This includes logical and physical tests.
Reviews the Information Security Assessments reports and advice on remediation and improvement opportunities.
Provides process advisory whenever required for all Internal and External Digital Services audit activities.
Wherever applicable, maintains relationships with local law enforcement and other related government authorities and bodies.
Whenever required, advises on the design and implementation of Company Information Security Management Framework.
Act as a subject matter expert for all information security and risk management initiatives and issues. Also, for the implementation of domain standards and industry best practices.
Reviews reports on the information security performance metrics by the Information Security and Risk Management Team.
Contributes in the implementation and regular testing of the continuity management also security incidents management processes.
Assists in the recovery planning efforts as well as in the investigation of security breaches, also with legal matters associated with such breaches, as necessary.
Assists in the conduction of required root cause analysis and provides necessary recommendations to prevent the re-occurrence of such events.
Promotes the protection of Company’s information assets and corporate information against threats to their security by implementing the Information Security Standards and all other applicable procedures, regulations, and guidelines.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security, Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent.
Technical Certification in Information Security and Risk Management (CISM, CRISC, CISA, CISSP, ETC.)
Trainings in Cyber Security Architectures Design and Implementation.
Advance Knowledge of the Industry Cyber Security Standards (CERT RMM, COBIT 2019,COBIT 2020,COBIT 2021, Risk IT, NESA, ISO 22301, ISO 22301, ETC.)
Professional in English Language ( reading, writing and Speaking)
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