Drilling Engineer
Onshore and Offshore and Rigs and Islands
: Any Nationality
: 6 - 10 years
: Engineering
: 10 - May - 2021
Job Description
Prepares a complete Drilling Program / Instructions. Works closely with other groups to assure the well program is based on all available geological, reservoir and drilling information from nearby wells. The Drilling Program must include, but is not limited to the following: 
  1. Directional drilling program including collision avoidance
  2. Bottomhole assembly program for both motor and rotary steerable applications
  3. Drilling string design including all torque and drag, Hydraulics, Swab & Surge simulations
  4. Optimum Bit selection and recommendation for drilling parameters (hydraulics, rotary speed, and bit weight) based on offset well data
  5. Wellbore stability and hole cleaning analysis
  6. Drilling Fluid program for both water base, oil base operations and drill-in fluids
  7. Wellhead and Casing designs
  8. Well evaluation program (LWD and/or wireline logging, coring) 
  9. Drilling hazards assessment (lost returns, well control, wellbore stability, stuck pipe).
  10. Application of standard operations procedures, best practices and lessons learned. 
  11. Progress time-depth and cost depth curves for the drilling phase.
  12. Contingency programs (as required)
Participates as drilling representative in the Well Delivery Process. Interacts with asset teams during well planning, execution and post-drill review.
Prepares time & cost estimates and AFE’s for the new Drilling, Re-Entry and Slot Recovery Wells. Coordinate with Completion& Workover team to get input for pre-drill operations as required.
Ensure all programmes and AFEs are produced in a timely manner to allow adequate time for all approvals.
Prepare & daily update progress time and cost charts for the Drilling & Re-Entry phase.
Maintains close liaison with services companies' engineers, and keep abreast of recent developments in the area of drilling technology, equipment, practices, etc.
Implement new ideas and technology and provide expertise in the function area to achieve required performance standards.
Analyses drilling performance and recommends changes in procedures and equipment based on findings.
Request equipment and service order (if necessary) for the non-contracted equipment.
Supports field based Company personnel and managing contractors and services in the executing of all operations for the assigned rig. Provides technical assistance to Drilling Supervisors during critical drilling operations.
Trouble shoots operational and technical problems for drilling & rentry operattions.
Analyses drilling performance and recommends changes in procedures and equipment based on findings. 
Ensures pre-spud and pre-section reviews are held with all stakeholders.
Ensure that the DLT process is rigorously performed. Conduct Drill Well on Paper, Drilling Technical Limit, Peer Reviews and After Action Reviews sessions.
Review and approve Daily Drilling Reports (DDR) for new Drilling & Re-Entry wells.
Ensures all reporting is completed in a timely manner (including After Action Reviews (AAR), Lessons Learned review, Well Quality KPIs, End of Well Reports).
Ensures all documents relating all drilling activities are properly filed in well file, stored and available.
Performs the technical evaluation of received bids as required for new tenders/service orders. 
Plan and coordinate all Drilling activities for the assigned Rig to meet functional objectives.
Train and develop the assigned CAMS / new staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives.
Provide input for preparation of the functional budgets and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Drilling Division objectives. 
Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control
Ascertains that all programs are in accordance with local authority regulations, company policies and HSEQ standards.• Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Drilling Division in line with the Company Performance framework.
Benchmark Drilling Performance, reviews KPIs, identify limiters and provides engineered solutions to improve drilling efficiency. 
Determines technical parameters of Rig contractors and 3rd party service providers are in accordance with the contract. Participates in Quality and pre-acceptance related audits and inspections as required by the Drilling Division.
Ensures risk management processes are used in the well planning and execution. Participates as requested in HAZOPS, SIMOPS and Risk Assessments.
Prepare Daily Progress report (Time & Cost), KPIs reports, Well Quality KPI report, AAR & End of Well reports. 
Reviews Daily Drilling Report, QC data and ensure correct data input in the database
Reviews NPT, ILT and performance reports
Provide drilling inputs to DBC, Budget and Cost reports.
Frequent contacts with other division at equivalent level to discuss and optimize drilling performance.
Regular contacts with Drilling Services & Material Engineers, Tool Services, Supply & Logistic teams to ensure operation requirement is delivered on time.
Regular contacts with Team Leaders regarding approval process and solving issues.
Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum requirements
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering
7 years of experience, including at least 5 years’ experience as Drilling Engineer plus 2 years of which should be in offshore operations.
Professional in MS Office.  
Professional in English Language (reading, writing and speaking)
Knowledge of Landmark EDM software (OpenWells, Compass, Well Plan, Stresscheck) 
Mandatory Certificates H2S, HSE Safety Induction, T-BOSEIT & IWCF/WELLSHARP
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