Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Any Nationality
: 2 - 5 years
: Accounting & Finance
: 10 - Feb - 2022
Job Description
  • Check with accountants about sending invoices/receipts to investor by email
  • Meet & replay to the investor regarding his calculation of any adjustment or rent invoice.
  • Complete the tasks that send through CRM system on daily bases.
  • Checks the bank statement with the daily collection report and do the bank reconciliation
  • Checks with the accountant for the unknown deposit amount on the bank statement
  • Accountant check bank statement and send email to the cashier to issue RCT on the system
  • Follow up with the business development, to create the new investor account on the CRM when accountant receive the new contract from land department
  • Follow up with the business development to issue the rent invoice with the correct amount on the CRM
  • Checks the rent invoice on CRM and approve it, so the cashier can issue the receipt.
  • Checks all the accrual that need to be issue on the system
  • Issues the debit memo on the system with the accrual J.V
  • Submits the debit memo with the sheet to GL team for reviewing.
  • Updates the reclaimed CHQs list with the CHQs received from the bank
  • Updates the investor file with the reclaimed, returns CHQs etc
  • Checks the reclaimed, return list and reverse the receipts on the system.
  • Make new file for the new investor with the full financial information with scan copy of the rent contract and emails from land department on his file.
  • Checks the invoices on the oracle with the support document and post it
  • Prepare Nature Gas invoices and adjustments
  • Check the invoices and post it on the system
  • Prepare sheet for all the investors with discounts and distribute the discount over the contract period
  • Checks if there any new discount invoices or if there and update on the discount
  • Issues the debit memo on the system with the J.V and post it on the system


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