Engineer, Completion and Workover (Project)
Onshore and Offshore and Rigs and Islands
: Any Nationality
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: Engineering
: 26 - Oct - 2022
Job Description

Job duties but not limited to :-

• Primary completion & workover focal point to coordinate with Asset, Engineering and Project teams to discuss all the project / construction interface activities in the assigned fields. 
• Responsible for the overall coordination, communicating and progression of relevant plans, schedules overlaps and changes that impacts the completion & workover / project. 
• Communicates to the Team Leader (Completion & workover) any project issues that can / will impact completion & workover performance. Tries to resolve any Completion & Workover concerns. 
• Support/coordinate long term projects to improve completion & workover efficiency • Coordinate with other teams including Drilling Technical Support, Drilling Planning, respective Assets, Production Operations & Engineering teams for long term completion & workover projects readiness and procurement. 
• Prepares and maintain Completion Basis of Design Document. Works closely with other groups to assure the design is based on all available geological, reservoir and current drilling / completion information from offset wells. 
• Develop, maintain and issue Drilling/Project interface (Completion & W/O phase) with Drilling Engineering team and bridging documents:  Emergency Response Plan Documents as required 
• Engineer, Completion & Workover (Project) Operations / Drilling Engineering SIMOP’s Matrix Project development / stewardship  HSEIA, HAZOPs, Risk Assessments as required  Site Specific documents & forms 
• Mentors less experienced engineers on completion & workover techniques, technology and completion Performance. 
• Participates as requested in HAZOPS, SIMOPS and Risk Assessments. 
• Conducts assessments of new completion technology and practices as required for long term projects. 
• Aids in the review of completion standards / guidelines. 
• Maintains close liaison with respective Asset, Technical Support, Services providers, and keeps abreast of recent developments in the area of well completion & workover technology, equipment, practices, etc. 
• Conducts studies on adaptability of new Completion & Workover technologies in coordination with Drilling Technology team and makes appropriate recommendations. 
• Decides priorities, bring in new ideas and technology and provide expertise in the function area to achieve required performance standards. 
• Manages, leads and coordinate Long Term Well Completion Planning activities for the assigned fields (island/offshore). 
• Coordinate/participate in studies relevant to Long Term Well completion planning / Field Development Planning. 
• Responsible to prepare & optimize well completion design for long term planning. Run simulations and provide input for well planning. 
• Ensure long term planned well completion design are uploaded in assigned data repository for all known wells to be drilled/workover from a particular Island / Wellhead towers for the next 5 years. 
• Responsible for ensuring strategic planning and budgeting support is provided in a timely manner. Coordinate with Drilling Technical Support and Asset teams as required. • Coordinates in the pre-planning with respective Asset units (RPOD, OTSD, FD) and major contractors and seeks their views/proposals to minimize well cost. 
• Coordinate with Drilling Material & Services team and optimize completion material and Services allocations. 
• Ensure optimum equipment, tools & services are selected for completion phase and analyse efficiency of the equipment. 
• Co-ordinates with material engineering team for material allocation and long term completion material planning & forecasting. 
• Provide well completion cost estimates for long term budget planning. 
• Participate in monthly DBC meeting with Drilling Engineering team and provide input to optimize Bar Chart in line with long term Completion & W/O plans. • Coordinate with Technology team to review and evaluate new technologies to optimize well performance and enhance well integrity. 
• Performs studies for introduction of any new techniques, tools, equipment and trials, ensuring technical and economic feasibility prior implementation. 
• Reviews, analyse, benchmark completion cost & duration for assigned fields, compare with historical data and recommend actions to improve drilling performance. 
• Identifies gaps and opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 
• Provides guidance to the completion engineers to ensure the proper application of best practices and technology, and to assure technical excellence in well services engineering design. 
• Initiates special procedures for any critical operations. Reviews and studies operations problems and recommends corrective actions. JOB DESCRIPTION Engineer, Completion & Workover (Project) Operations / Drilling Engineering 
• Prepares Industry Technical Papers based on the new practices and technologies implemented to be present in international technical conference, to promote the team and company pressence Generic Accountabilities Supervision 
• Plan and coordinate all long term Completion & Workover - Project interface planning, scheduling and costing activities for the assigned fields to meet functional objectives. 
• Train and develop the assigned CAMS / new staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives. Budgets 
• Provide input for preparation of the functional budgets to deliver Drilling Division objectives. 
• Highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control. Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures 
• Ascertains that all the activities are planned in accordance with local authority regulations, company policies and Company Code of Practices. Performance Management 
• Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Drilling Division in line with the Company Performance framework. 
• Benchmark Performance, reviews and update KPIs to improve drilling efficiency in the assigned area. Innovation and Continuous Improvement 
• Maintains close liaison with services companies’ engineers, and keeps abreast of recent developments in the area of well drilling technology, equipment, practices, etc. 
• Participates in feasibility studies relating to long term field development planning. 
• Identify improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with best Industry standards. Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability 
• Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation in line with international standards, best practices and Company Code of Practices. 
• Participates as requested in HAZOPS and Risk Assessments. Reports 
• Provide Completion/Workover/project interface inputs to DBC, Budget and Cost reports. 5. COMMUNICATIONS & WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Internal 
• Frequent contacts with other division at equivalent level to discuss and optimize well completion & workover planning, budgeting & scheduling. 
• Regular contacts with Drilling & Completion Engineers to optimize completion operations for assigned projects. External 
• Regular contacts with Other Group of Companies at equivalent level to share lesson learned & best practices. 
• Engineer, Completion & Workover (Project) Operations / Drilling Engineering 
• Regular participation in industry organizations in all the exhibitions such as but not limited to  SPE, API, IADC, ADIPEC etc. 


Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor Degree in an Engineering Discipline, ideally Petroleum or Mechanical. 
Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills 
5 - 6 years of experience and knowledge of well engineering, well integrity, drilling and completion engineering functions. 
Very good knowledge of English. 
Excellent computing skills including MS Office. 
Knowledge of Landmark EDM software (OpenWells, Compass, Well Plan, WellCat)
ERD Experience is preferable. 
Same base skills as Drilling/Completion Engineers including: 
o Completion Design
o Tubing Design including movement calculations 
o Completion & Workover Operations 
o Tubular Goods inspections
o Operations & Well Integrity 
o Basic Completion Fluid Technology 
o Basic Cementing Technology 
o Coil Tubing Technology o Stimulation & Well Testing Operations 
o Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient 
o Torque & Drag and Hydraulic Analysis
o Completion and Workover Equipment Technology 
o Hole Cleaning and ECD
o Completion & workover problem solving (Lost Returns, Stuck Pipe, Hole Instability) 
o Well Control & BOP Equipment 
o Basic Open hole & Cased Hole Logging 
o Basic Geology & Reservoir Engineering 
o Planning & Budgeting 

Computing skills including MS Office Professional Certifications 
Basic Safety Training 
Offshore Survival certificate such as FOET , T-BOSIET  (Mandatory)
IWCF/WellCap certification (Mandatory)


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