Senior Analyst - Corporate Assurance (Fraud Management)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Any Nationality
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: Fraud Analyst
: 10 - May - 2023
Job Description


Support DM to implement the Business Assurance process and policies and develop Assurance Statements for day-to-day management of risks during normal activity within ADD, improve strength of broader control framework, provide internal but independent perspective from internal auditors, provide an external perspective from an external assurance provider. Identify taking advantage of stolen information or deceptive practices and spot criminal trends such as phishing, social engineering, and chargeback, to prevent them occurring both today and in the future. Effectively exploit artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct fraud analysis and make meaningful insights from data to identify key business risk that would hinder achieving company’s objectives.


Job Specific Accountabilities

Corporate Assurance

  • Support DM to provide Assurance Statements to the management with evidence and confirmation that
  • proper internal controls are in place o that those controls are operating effectively.
  • key risks are being managed to enable the achievement of business objectives o provide a formal early warning system at relevant levels to issues which may affect the achievement of business objectives.
  • Engage proactively in the below Corporate Assurance activities:
  • Process reviews and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Production and communication of business assurance data
  • Business Management System complianc
  • Prepare Assurance Statement to provide a balanced assessment of the risk to deliver ADD business objectives/targets.
  • to capture and record robust evidence to support the production of the Statement on Internal Control
  • to promote and improve corporate governance standards
  • to enable emerging problems to be highlighted in a timely way
  • Provide formal confirmation on the effectiveness of the systems of internal control ADD have in place to fulfil their responsibilities
  • Provide data subject matter expertise for the team by mining data from various databases and data warehouse environments using various database and statistical tools and techniques.
  • Analyse larger pool of data and gain deeper perspectives of trends, relationships, and indications of unusual business transactions in organisations.
  • Pro-actively search for revenue leakage within various data bases to identify new potential projects. • Facilitate the delivery of Corporate Assurance knowledge, awareness, and competence initiatives. • Accurate and timely preparation and communication of assurance reports.

Fraud Investigations.

  • Identify high risk transactions within the business portfolio. Maintain fraud analysis models to improve efficiency and effectiveness of company systems.
  • Observe customer transactions to identify fraudulent activity such as account take over, friendly fraud, theft and similar other risks.
  • Determine existing fraud trends by analysing accounts and transaction patterns. Ensure confidentiality of all information collected during investigation.
  • Recommend anti-fraud processes for changing transaction patterns and trends.
  • Recommend new software tools used for fraud detection, prevention, and reporting activities.
  • Generate suspicious activity reports and risk management reports for Managers.
  • Analyse data from multiple sources to identify discrepancies and what, if any, remedies can eliminate suspicion and maintain compliance
  • Work with Department Manager to communicate fraud trends and share best practices, ideas and information.
  • Support DM to identify fraudulent activities
  • Investigate anomalies in underwriting that could potentially include fraud
  • Write reports and document evidence, findings, and recommendations
  • Perform manual fraud review in order to detect fraudulent transactions
  • Independently resolve problems that require in depth investigation and/or research
  • Conduct follow-up research on fraudulent transactions
  • Collaborate with Risk Assurance and Compliance for below activities.
  • Conduct audit on the area identified as risk prone.
  • Analyses actions initiated or proposed in response to audit recommendations.
  • Direct efforts to research and identify sources of issues and resolutions.
  • Conduct extensive research to validate purchases
  • Educate staff and contractors on fraud and associated behaviors


  • Internal : CEO Office Team & Company executives
  • External: Consultants & Government Authorities
Desired Candidate Profile


  • Minimum Qualification
  • Bachelor’s Degree in forensic accounting, criminal justice, or a related field.
  • Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills
  • 8 years of experience in large corporate sector with strong emphasis on quality management, risk management, audit, integrity assurance, and processes
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