Mechanical Specialist
Abu Dhabi and UAE
: Any Nationality
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: Specialist
: 25 - Oct - 2023
Job Description

Job Purpose:

Perform maintenance and overhauling activities for the different types of valves inside the CWS facility or on-site for Company Plants (JV and ASR), Company Offshore and other non-industrial areas.



  1. Carries out maintenance, overhaul and repair work of different types of valves for instance manual isolation valves, motor operated valves, pneumatic actuated valves and pressure safety valves.
  2. Ensure that all works carried out in accordance with company standards, codes of practices.
  3. and safety requirements.
  4. Diagnoses and rectifies faults on pneumatic and mechanical parts of the valves with the aid of such test equipment as test gauges, deadweight testers, manometers, precision pneumatic calibrators, temperature baths, etc.
  5. Use a variety of Pneumatic, electrical, and hand tools for the specific jobs. Able to identify and use a variety of test and measurement equipment.
  6. Supports valves maintenance work related to Turnaround maintenances and the planned/emergency Major equipment or plant shutdowns.
  7. Familiar with the different types of standard engineering hand tools and most specialized tools related to the valves maintenance such as measuring tools and gauges, air operated grinders, drilling equipment, etc. and ensures all the tools calibrated.
  8. Arranges for the selection of general engineering materials and spare parts as required for the job.
  9. Receives work assignment with briefing and instruction from Supervisor/Senior Technicians.
  10. Discuss and obtain requirements on materials and spare parts.
  11. Notifies his Supervisor/ Senior Technicians of any fault or abnormal condition he finds while performing his duties & special equipment required by him to perform his duties.
  12. Provides guidance and on job training to company’s developers/ trainees and other technicians to improve the work standard.
  13. Ability to identify piping specs, gaskets, bolts and nuts, valves etc. and able to carry out the work on all the different types of piping and tubing.
  14. Operates simple Machine Tools such as grinding machines, drilling machines, impact wrenches etc. Hands on experience in hydro testing of valves, pipes and vessels.
  15. Able to take precision measurement using depth gauges, micrometer, Vernier calipers etc.
  16. and able to work to very close tolerances.
  17. Prepares sketches/brief reports such as piping, structures, alignment, finished dimensions etc.


Generic Accountabilities


Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

·    Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, Quality.

standards, procedures, to accomplish operational objectives.


·     Provide on-the-job Training to meet Competency Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization.


·     Maintain all tools, safety gear and equipment provided by company safely and in working condition.

·     Arrange for repair or replacement of any tools and safety gear that may not be in good working condition.

Time Management

·    Carry out all maintenance jobs in line with assigned time standards.

·     Inform the Maintenance Supervisor in case additional resources are required to carry out the job within the assigned period.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

·     Contribute to the identification of areas and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operating procedures, modification of functional processes, machinery or equipment.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability

·     Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures, controls, applicable legislation,  and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and Company  Code of Practices.

·    Participate in Emergency Response duties as a team member.


·     Maintain the work environment clean and tidy before, during and after executing the job, in line with established standards of Hygiene and Housekeeping.


·     Collect technical data from the field as required and provide inputs to prepare Section progress reports for Company Management.

·   Provide input for the preparation of Method statements and initiate Near Miss reports.



·    Has daily contact with immediate work associates of other departments, contractors in

giving and receiving technical information.


·    Service order Contractors to ensure timely completion of projects.


Desired Candidate Profile


·    Technical Diploma or Secondary School Certificate with a vocational trade certificate in the

relevant field of mechanical maintenance.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

·    4 years of experience, in maintenance technical services preferably in mechanical.

Professional Certifications

·    As required by the Company.





·     Good understanding of Quality Standard codes compliance and capable of resolving safety issues.


·     Knowledge of the approved methods, material, tools, occupational hazards, proper safety precaution required at the work and equipment utilized in mechanical maintenance.




·    Drive Excellence: Uses own measures (level 1)

·    Exhibit commercial acumen: Understands business fundamentals and practices (level 1)

·    Plan and Execute Work: Complies with work plan instructions and procedures (level 1)

·    Foster collaboration: Cooperates (level 1)

·    Meet Customer Needs: Communicates (level 1)

·    Build Credibility and Commitment: Is open and honest (level 1)

·    Lead Change with Agility: Is open to change (level 1)

·    Communicate with Impact: Communicates information accurately (level 1)





Physical Effort


Work Environment

·     Moderate, involving walking, standing, and operating hand-tools and specialized test equipment most of the working time.

·     CWS conditions with heat and noise and sometimes plant condition with occasional extreme noise and heat.




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