Supervisor Control Room
Abu Dhabi, UAE
: Any Nationality
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: Supervisor
: 30 - Jan - 2024
Job Description
Direct and co-ordinate the activities of Power generation and distribution area operators, and Supervisor, Shift (Field) in the operation of the relevant plant facilities to ensure targets are achieved. Identifies maintenance requirements and where immediate action is required organize the necessary personnel to carry out preparation work. Control the operation of Power generation and distribution facilities from the main control room via the Control System to adjust operating conditions to maintain stable operation/production. Monitor a complex control panel for designated area comprising of Intricate Individual Control Loops, Sequences and Logics along with associated Plant Alarms as Indicated on DCS screens and other displays.
1.Control and coordinate the operation of the Power generation and distributionunits from Central Control Building according to the instructions received and theoperating constraints, following Standard Operating Procedures
2.Lead the shift team in the field with wide knowledge & understanding of theunits and ensure necessary immediate corrective action is taken to preventforced shutdown/production loss.
3.Liaise with the Supervisor, Shift (Field) to coordinate activities and control of theintegrated units.
4.Maintain continuous radio contact with field personnel on their assigned plantarea to keep them informed of operating conditions; instruct them in manualadjustments of equipment and conveys instructions given by the Team Leader(utilities).
5.Ensure all equipment are in safe condition during a Train/Plant trip.Subsequently progress re- streaming as directed. This involves closely monitoringcomplex Instrumentation for long periods of time and an ability to control many
systems simultaneously and by utilizing attentive skills, recognize their effect on the whole facility operation. 6.Participate in the testing of Automatic Shutdown/Protection Systems. Thisinclude bypassing trip circuits as individual systems are tested, minimizing time oftrip negation to ensure that the plant & personnel safety is not jeopardized.
7.Maintain a control panel shift log. Maintain accurate record of alarms & tripswitches, when bypassed for maintenance or other activities.
8.Monitor and ensure that all HSECES items remains maintained and that theroutine testing of the same are completed per schedule.
9.Liaise with other Operations Shift Panel Controllers with respect to the inter-related systems to ensure that there will be no production impact caused.
10.Ensure that Operating Procedures and Standing Instructions are adheredstrictly during start-up, shutdown and normal operation.
11.Maintain a high standard of HSE awareness, particularly the environmentalconcerns and adheres fully to safely rules and participates in safety training /exercises.
12.Demonstrate appropriate levels of knowledge and responsibility regardingTechnical and Operational integrity processes of AIRMS.
Desired Candidate Profile
1.Minimum Qualification, bachelor’s degree in electrical Engineering or equivalent.Alternatively, any engineering degree with power generation, distributionexperience maybe considered.
2.Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills. Three (3) years of operationalexperience in Power plant as Panel supervisor for Engineering Graduates and 8years of operational experience in power plant as panel supervisor forNon-graduates, with DCS Control System experience.
3.Good knowledge of spoken and written English.
4.Good communication skills.
5.Good problem solving and decision-making skills.
6.Good Analytical ability.
7.Good Coordination Skills.
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